Sexuality for the Soul.
"Pleasure Expansion. Pain Alleviation. Immersive Experiences."

Private Coaching

Private Coaching is a custom opportunity to explore a myriad of services and skills by Nikki Morgan and her community of referred practitioners. Package Sessions are timed around your sexual, spiritual and emotional rhythms to access and explore expanded parts of your Self. This is achieved thru safe space controlled experiences that allow you to indulge in the moment you wish to explore fully and specifically. The desire or goal can be a simple curiosity, a habit you want to change, a new emotional signature to a behavior or a craving for something different than what you experience in your daily life. These activities can help to resolve what words could not deliver. Experience is the Greatest teacher and you are your Greatest subject.

Where we'll meet

Nikki holds monthly group sessions and events in Baltimore, MD, Brooklyn, NY and Online. Additionally, Nikki travels to various cities with her immersive theater experiences and Orgasmic Retreats with opportunity for city dwellers to schedule private appointments.  

What are some offerings

In Studio, Select Home Visits, and Virtual Sessions  can include but is not limited to:
Womb Readings, Reiki Massage, Ancestral Channeling, Tarot Reading, Erectile Dysfunction Challenges, Libido Differences, Body Positive shifts, Full/Half Day Private Sexual Wellness Personal Retreats...
What is your interest?

Clinical Sexologist / Immersive Healing Artist / Interdisciplinary Healing Practitioner

Nikki Morgan

Nikki Morgan is a Certified Clinical Sexologist, Speaker, Educator, Immersive Healing Artist and Experience planner. She offers Sexual Wellness, Body & Soul care that serves clients with interest in healing sexual traumas, empowerment through expanded self awareness, bridging spirituality and sexuality and quenching curiosity outside of their realm of normality."


Exclusive to Baltimore, we invite a special few to join us in an intimate immersive home theater experience. We will enjoy a series of actors going thru real life sexuality challenges thru the eyes of clinical sexologist Nikki Morgan. We will unpack, let go, face and transform old colonized thoughts and customs that hinder our overall access to Love, Pleasure and Self Healing Abilities.

We will spend time with a few characters

Jessica Holter presents The Head Doctor Show with Sexologist Nikki Morgan & Co.
The Head Doctor presents Sexologist Nikki Morgan as seen on the Breakfast Club. This sensual episode of The Head Doctor show will address pleasure capacity, orgasmic healing, and Erectile Dysfunction while keeping you engaged in artistic expression and hands-on theatrical therapy.

Have you ever stopped yourself from being too happy? Ever pulled your energy back while you were in the throes of passion. Have you ever been afraid, of surrendering to love... or worse, chased it away? You do not want to miss this intimate live theater experience. Expand your pleasure capacity and learn techniques to use orgasm for healing with Master Teacher, Nikki Morgan as she conducts a full-scale Punany classic with audience interaction, exotic dance, exercises in the power of touch and touch less energy exchange... all set to a delicious blend of poetic tales by Jessica Holter and a soundtrack by music producer Dwayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone'!

Arrive and meet in The Producers' Club Bar area by 9:45pm
Products Available: Natural essential oil and herb products for supreme healing.
Cash Bar | ATM in Lobby
Parking just a few feet away
You must be at least 21 to attend
Join Nikki in her ATL home for an intimate immersive experience an introductory explortation around the gift of Orgasm.
October 27th 4p - 7p
Orgasm is the deepest form of meditation. It silences the mind and brain causing the body to be in a state of “zero point”. A taste of infinity. Where all emotions meet and dissolved, no individual person exists and the lines on where one person ends and the other begins melt away. We will tap into sexual energy cultivating activities, deep discussion and how Touchless Orgasm can be used to deepen, open, expand our relationship with our most primal and powerful energies. 
During my presentation at Sex Down South of  "Orgasm as a Healing Modality" I had a lovely interview with Dr.Jess from "Sex with Dr. Jess" from Canada.
Click HERE to Listen!

The Story

Nikki Morgan  been recognized regionally and nationally for her touring with Punany Poets demonstrating telepathy in highly aroused scenarios and Touchless Orgasm by Breakfast Club, SWAY, Desus & Mero, NY Post, Colombia University, Townson University, Essence, and more. She continues to expand her message of expanded pleasure, love and power within, using sold out off-Broadway immersive theater work which she writes, produces and on occasion performs. Additionally, she works with many amazing herbalists, eastern doctors, therapists, sex and social workers who place the human experience first to support this important work of self exploration.

"Nikki welcomes invited guests to build momentum in the mindset that WE CREATE... and Every Step, Every Breath, Every Smile, Every Conversation is Creative Energy...  
Creative Energy is Sexual Energy..."